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Covering Up Marks

Trigger warnings for assault and violence.

Earlier this year, somehow I ended up watching the Bollywood film ‘3 Idiots‘ with my friends, this is very unlike me, for I never watch mainstream films. Maybe they requested and I gave in, I don’t remember. All I do remember clearly is at the climax of the film one of the actor’s water breaks and she has to give birth in a makeshift space. The woman is yelping and the first thing that comes out of the protagonist’s (who is a man, predictably) mouth is, “Cover her up!”, from the prying eyes of other men present in the room. I don’t remember anything else from this film, just this one line whispered in a scene of frenzy sticks up. And every time I think of the film, the same sense of panic washes over me as it did in the movie hall back then. I suddenly burst into tears and I couldn’t stop for quite a while, my friends were worried and they thought I’d finally lost it. Maybe, I’d crossed the line that divides ‘normal’ to ‘crazy’ in their heads; little did they know that the panic-attack I had, was a parting gift from an assault a few years ago.  After this assault, I’ve given into many crying spells and panic-attacks, a sour reminder that PTSD still looms under my skin and can raise its head any time, in front of anyone.

Till date I cannot write out the nature of my assault, or what transpired that night — for being anonymous online still isn’t good enough to ease my paranoia of being found out — or even tell anyone about it. I remember stumbling home, numb and frozen inside; I rush to my room and stand in front of the mirror and the first thing I do is wonder how would I cover all the marks and scars up. I didn’t register just how invasive my assault was till about a few months ago when I found out yet some more scars in a few unexpected places. The week following my assault, I stayed in my room, feigning an illness and stayed in bed, hoping that no one would notice what was really up with me. In three weeks the worst and the most obvious marks healed, and that’s when I let myself gauge what had happened to me and what was my role in this thing, as I’d started calling my ‘episode’. For months even I thought I was responsible in enabling the assault, after all I’d gone along with him, I didn’t stop him till it was too late and I’d pretend everything was alright when my friends asked about my health. Reporting the assault was something I never considered sober, for I knew only too well what happened to girls who reported such crimes. No one would believe me and the thought of my parents finding out still petrifies me. So I keep my body covered and out of sight, grateful that there are no marks or bruises on my face or any other overtly obvious places. For the longest time, clear unmarked bodies fascinated me; many times I’d hope that one day I’d wake up to find all the momentos of that thing, off of my skin, or hope that just somehow they’ve been absorbed in some invisible part of my body and I’d never have to see them again. But soon enough, the reflection in the mirror would show it all and I’d wake up from the dream.

It has taken me a long time to see the body I lost and the body I’m left with are not necessarily different entities; though they occupy different spaces now. My unmarked body — I don’t lament over this loss anymore, just a hazy memory of what used to be — is a blur, I can’t imagine what I looked like before the assault, what I remember is the way spaces would part, I could enter a room and not worry about anything more grave than a wrinkled shirt, that I’d blend in. My unmarked body gave me access to more spaces than I do now, I could wear swimsuits, short-sleeved clothes and skirts; clothing didn’t enter an arena of deliberation till much later. My marked body however, never let’s me forget my assault, and this goes beyond clothing choices or restrictions. The marks on my body are always a subject of fascination for my lovers each want to know where they came from and every time I add to the lie. I have one story I give to anyone who asks, each time though I add new details to this scene, strengthening it, binding the ropes around its loopholes and covering my body consequently from each angle. Sometimes while narrating this scene to the Listener, I sell myself the story, temporarily will myself to believe the words I’ve decidedly weaved in and around each other. For the first few months after the ‘episode’, I was convinced every one could see and cut into my body as they wished, that control and agency are words we make up to reassure ourselves. Perhaps today, my paranoia has reduced considerably, however the idea that agency as a concept that can exist out of my theory books is a hard one for me to reconcile. There are days where I see my marked body and I feel lucky enough to be alive, there are some when I wonder if these marks are visible only to me — as most marks have become rather faint — and on most days I see the scars and try to not divorce them from my skin, see them as a part of me; there is no telling which image of me in the mirror takes over which day, the only constant image is the scars above and inside my skin.

There are days where I fantasise that I’ll be able to speak out about the assault without guilt; this guilt isn’t because of my assault but because I covered it up, I kept my body away. Sometimes when I’m telling that story to the Listener, I see a part of me get up and leave unable to bear the lie, while another makes the lie even more intricate. These marks don’t make or break me, I’m sure of that. But these marks break into my space, walk with me, curl inside me and in my mind’s eye, show up just beneath my skin the moment I forget to remember the episode. This breaking and entering in my skin-cells doesn’t happen routinely, but when I see other conspicuously covered bodies, the guilt re-surfaces and before I know it, I’m losing my ‘sanity’ sitting in front of my computer reading someone else’s triggering experience or  in a movie hall when someone covers yet another body up, letting the shame and lajja percolate within skins and let it reside there permanently. Today, all I can hope for is that this wave of panic is short-lived as my marked body and I cover yet another scar out of sight.






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